Historic Facts

Cover photo of Lincoln Place
1959 Lincoln Place Brochure

  • Location: Venice, California (about 1 mile from Pacific Ocean)
  • Historic: Eligible, California Register of Historic Resources
  • Built: 1949-1951
  • Architects: Ralph A. Vaughn (1907-2000) and Heth Wharton (1892-1958), Wharton and Vaughn. Vaughn was well-known for his ability to add luxury and style to affordable housing.
  • Influences: English Garden City Movement, Modern

The 35-acre site in the Venice community served as workforce housing in the decades following World War II and was meant to house returning military veterans during the housing shortage. At the time, it was funded under Section 608 of Title VI of the Housing Act. Today, it is one of the largest rent-controlled and affordable housing communities in the area.

The restoration of Lincoln Place will bring hundreds of rent-stabilized apartments and jobs in addition to more than $100 million in economic development back to Venice, California.